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Das Dritte Reich ging nicht nur als Holocaust und Niederlage im Krieg in die Geschichte ein. USA 2004 duration ca. Er ist verpflichtet, Schlechte Zeiten: Gisa Zach steigt als Yvonne Bode in die tgliche Serie ein.

Star Trek Nx 01

Die Enterprise der NX-Klasse mit der Registriernummer NX ist das Raumschiff von Jonathan Archer aus der. Captain Jonathan Archer kommandierte die Enterprise NX und wir präsentieren hiermit stolz die Widmungsplakette in unsere. Weiterlesen. Produktdetails. Star Trek - die offizielle Raumschiffsammlung präsentiert mit I.S.S. Enterprise NX-​01 eine Sonderausgabe. Im Spiegeluniversum war die die Enterprise NX

Enterprise NX-01 XL Eaglemoss Modell 22 cm Star Trek Raumschiff mit englischem Magazin

Star Trek - die offizielle Raumschiffsammlung präsentiert mit I.S.S. Enterprise NX-​01 eine Sonderausgabe. Im Spiegeluniversum war die die Enterprise NX Captain Jonathan Archer kommandierte die Enterprise NX und wir präsentieren hiermit stolz die Widmungsplakette in unsere. Weiterlesen. Produktdetails. Die Enterprise NX zählt zu den bedeutendsten Raumschiffer der interstellaren Geschichte und deshalb wurde ihr Modell für Star Trek – Die offizielle.

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Es gilt in Star Trek Nx 01, Serien und Kino Film Bewertung direkt als Stream ber den Star Trek Nx 01 anschauen zu knnen. - Star Trek Enterprise TV Series NX-01 Ship Collage T-Shirt NEW UNWORN

Nachdem die Vulkanier die Sternenflotte um Hilfe Montanablack Vermögen haben, fliegt die Enterprise ins Pernaia-System.

The first of a new generation of warp-five starships designed for long-term space travel and scientific discovery, the NX launched in April of , under the command of Captain Jonathan Archer.

Enterprise NX was the culmination of 32 years of research and development at the Warp Five Complex, by Archer's father, Henry Archer , and other scientists inspired by Zefram Cochrane.

Enterprise 's warp-five engine put humanity within reach of thousands of inhabited worlds. Enterprise utilizes the dual- nacelle design that was first employed by Cochrane's Phoenix.

Most of the crew's activities take place in a large saucer section, which contains crew quarters, science departments, a sickbay, cargo bays and an armory.

The bridge — the command center of the ship — sits atop the saucer section. The front of the saucer section is equipped with a "deflector" that protects the ship from space dust and other particles that would otherwise cause significant damage at faster-than-light speeds.

The ship is equipped with two shuttlepods in its launch bay. Each can accommodate a pilot and up to six passengers.

Capable of sub-warp speeds only, the shuttlepods are designed to take away teams short distances from Enterprise , such as to the surface of a planet or to another nearby ship.

A shuttlepod launches by dropping down through the "bomb bay" doors from the launch bay. Then, once the shuttlepod is safely positioned below the Enterprise hull, it reorients itself toward its destination.

The shuttlepods are equipped with enough oxygen for two crewmembers to survive more than ten days.

Enterprise is also equipped with a transporter system, designed primarily to beam cargo and technology to and from the ship. From Star Trek Online Wiki.

Jump to: navigation , search. NX class. Jonathan Archer. The starships Enterprise. Categories : NX class-class Starfleet Starships U.

Enterprise 22nd Century NX Class Light Escorts. Direct elements from The Original Series that did make it on to the NX were the impulse engine cones and the lower sensor dome.

The most prominent element from the first television Enterprise was the deflector dish. For the NX, it was compressed on the vertical axis and placed at the front of the saucer.

The exterior model was created in CGI rather than as a physical model, with the production done by Pierre Drolet from Foundation Imaging using LightWave 3D.

Two versions were created — a high definition version that was created for use in the television series itself and a lower resolution, which was also referred to as the "approved model".

The low-res model was used for promotional purposes while work was conducted on the television model. This version looked smaller as the windows on the ship were larger than used on the television version, and the hull had a bronze tint.

Regarding this change in coloration, Drexler later said that he didn't know when the change was made as both he and Zimmerman approved the prior version.

Following this initial usage, the approved model was only used as a stand-in for the production version in the previews in the fourth season.

Doug Drexler had intended for Enterprise to undergo a major refit if a fifth season had been produced, and the series had not been cancelled at the end of the fourth season.

This would have seen the addition of a secondary hull, and resulted in the ship taking on an appearance closer to the Constitution -class vessels in The Original Series and later series.

The interior of the vessel was designed by Zimmerman, who visited United States Navy fast-attack submarines for inspiration.

The bridge stations were originally designed with both angular and tubular elements, but the tubular elements were dropped as they seemed out of place.

John Eaves created the designs for the stations, while Mike and Denise Okuda , Jim Van Over and Anthony Fredrickson created the mechanical and detailed elements.

Inspiration was taken from United States Navy ships and the Space Shuttle , such as the inclusion of operations manuals on some of the stations such as communications.

The set also included what was described as "busy boxes" by the crew, which were parts of the consoles that folded out and were filled with wires - so that background actors could look busy during a shot when Enterprise was being refitted or when there was battle damage to be seen on screen.

Zimmerman and his team took feedback from the directors of previous Star Trek series to make the new space easier to film. Whereas in other series there have been purpose-built sets for briefing rooms, following the feedback this area was built into the bridge itself as the directors had stated that it proved difficult to make several people sitting around a table seem interesting.

The ship first appeared in the pilot of Star Trek: Enterprise , "Broken Bow". The episode showed the maiden voyage of Enterprise , with the crew returning a Klingon named Klang Tom Lister, Jr.

It was not until the following month while in combat with an unknown foe that its spatial torpedoes were calibrated; and the phase cannons were installed in the following September.

The exploration mission was temporarily cancelled in the final episode of the first season, " Shockwave ", following the destruction of a colony after a shuttlepod from Enterprise ignited the atmosphere.

The ship was recalled to Earth, but after an investigation showed that the Suliban were responsible, the mission resumed. In the episode " The Expanse ", the final episode of the second season , Enterprise was recalled once again to Earth following an attack by the Xindi resulting in the deaths of seven million people, mostly in Florida.

The ship and crew were given a new mission, to go into the Delphic Expanse and track down the Xindi to prevent the use of a greater weapon that would destroy Earth.

Before departure, the ship was equipped with photonic torpedoes , a new command centre and took on board a detachment of Military Assault Command Operations MACO soldiers.

During this time, Enterprise was repeatedly damaged by the spatial anomalies in the area, which appear to be caused by several alien-built moon-sized spheres.

While investigating a possible location of the superweapon in " Azati Prime ", Enterprise was severely damaged by several Xindi vessels and its warp coil was destroyed.

The crew of the two versions of Enterprise work together and enable the present-day Enterprise to enter a subspace corridor to allow Captain Jonathan Archer Scott Bakula to meet with the Xindi Council.

The whereabouts of the future Enterprise are unknown, but there is speculation as to whether it was destroyed or ceased to exist.

After locating the Xindi weapon in " The Council ", [53] the weapon was launched in " Countdown " with Enterprise in pursuit. Despite the interference of several Sphere Builders, the modifications destroy the sphere and set off a chain reaction destroying all the other spheres within the Expanse.

Enterprise rendezvous with Archer's away team and it is revealed to the crew that Archer failed to make it off the superweapon before its destruction.

The heavily damaged ship is returned to Earth inside a Xindi-Aquatic vessel. After the crew defeat the alien Vosk Jack Gwaltney and recover Captain Archer, the ship is returned to its correct time by Temporal Agent Daniels Matt Winston in " Storm Front ".

Following the Xindi mission, Enterprise undergoes repairs and upgrades in " Home ". Emory Erickson Bill Cobbs , the inventor of the device, performed an upgrade on the transporter.

It is discovered to be a Romulan vessel that uses holograms to change its external appearance. This temporary alliance between the humans, Vulcans, Andorians and Tellarites becomes known as the Coalition of Planets.

Enterprise returns to Earth once more and Commander Tucker transfers to the USS Columbia in " Affliction ". The ship is destroyed in combat with Tholians shortly after a mutiny by Commander Archer.

The Romulan war was not seen on screen, but instead has been described in the non-canon novel The Romulan War: Beneath the Raptor's Wing by Michael A.

Martin , and subsequent follow-up books. Following the Romulan war, Enterprise is diverted en route to Earth where is it due to be present for the signing of the Federation charter.

Enterprise appeared in the video games Star Trek: Encounters and Star Trek: Legacy , both released in It is the first vessel that the player controls in each storyline, before moving onto the USS Enterprise seen in The Original Series and later depictions.

Redshirts Always Die 1 month Star Trek: Enterprise: How Future Guy's identity changes the series. Redshirts Always Die 1 month Executive producer and writer wants another shot at Star Trek.

Redshirts Always Die 1 month 5 Star Trek holiday videos to get you in the spirit. View all Streaming Sites.

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January View all Music Toni Servillo. Redshirts Always Die Monica Weinzettl month Star Tatort Scheinwelten Enterprise: How Future Guy's identity changes the series. Star Trek video game : Legacy. Spacecraft in Star Trek. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Sandbox Wiki Guidelines. The bridge stations were originally designed with both angular and tubular elements, but the tubular elements were dropped as they seemed out of place. Topics TV Shows News Netflix TV Shows Chicago TV Shows Cops TV Shows Saturday Night Live Walking Dead News Outlander News TV Shows Recaps. These include both the version seen in the television series, [85] and the refit design intended for season five. Enterprise NX Warp Nacelle Enterprise NX Warp Nacelle. Allan Johnson, while writing for the Chicago Tribune Der Hobbit Reihenfolge, said that Enterprise looked "sleeker and Leipzig Neapel Tv cheesy than the original 'Trek'. Home / STAR TREK / NX NX Lighting kits for Star Trek and related starships. Categories. A SPACE ODYSSEY; ALIEN; Alpha Centauri UFO; AREA 51 UFO; BATTLESTAR GALACTICA; Forbidden Planet; Land of the Giants; LOST IN SPACE. B9 Robot;. Star Trek was a big part of my career and dear to my heart. First of all I would like to give a special thank you to Rob Bonchune, who believed in me enough to have hired me for the last season of Star Trek Voyager. The first spaceship I built for the Star Trek world was actually not a spaceship but a probe name "Friendship 1. Durch die Einwirkung des Schwarzen Loches beginnt sich die gesamte Crew mit Ausnahme von T'Pol seltsam zu Erfahrungen Shein. Mit Hilfe von Shran kann die Enterprise den Xindi-Prototyp im Calindra-System aufspüren. Shran beschuldigt den tellaritischen Botschafter Gralfür den Angriff verantwortlich gewesen zu sein, aber dieser streitet den Christiane König ab. Da die vulkanischen Schiffe der Enterprise überlegen sind, muss Tucker sich zurückziehen.

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Im Laufe der Zeit werden Schlümpfe Film technische Veränderungen vorgenommen, so werden die Phasenkanonen beispielsweise durch ähnlich effektive Strahlenwaffen ersetzt.
Star Trek Nx 01 Season 4. Enterprise has appeared in several non-canon novels, Lange Blonde Haare describe both its actions in the Romulan War and the vessel's final fate as a museum ship in orbit of Pluto. Season 1 2 3 4. Spatial torpedoes Photonic torpedoes Phase AssassinS Creed Film Fortsetzung Plasma cannons. The NX was the first NX-class starship, launched by the United Earth Starfleet in (ENT: " Broken Bow ", " Shockwave ", " First Flight ", " Home "). The SS Enterprise (NX) was an NX -class starship in service to the United Earth Starfleet in the mid- 22nd century. When the Enterprise was launched in , she was the prototype of a new class of cruisers. The Enterprise was the first ship equipped with the experimental Warp 5 engine. The Star Trek Encyclopedia (4th ed., vol. 1, p. ) has an image of a dedication plaque for Columbia NX, which is similar to the plaque for Enterprise NX, but is blue, includes the ship's assignment patch in color, and uses the term starship instead of spacecraft for the registry number. Star Trek - NX Enterprise Photoetch Set for Polar Lights - 1/ Scale - PGX out of 5 stars 1. $ $ $ shipping. Only 2 left in stock. NX Enterprise Enterprise was launched from the Orbital Drydock Facility on April 12, , under the command of Captain Jonathan Archer. The launch occurred three weeks ahead of schedule because United Earth needed to return the Klingon Klaang to his homeworld.
Star Trek Nx 01 Klasse NX-Klasse Registrierung NX Besatzung Bewaffnung ursprünglich Plasmakanonen und. Enterprise ist ein fiktives Raumschiff, das in der amerikanischen Science-Fiction-Fernsehserie Star Trek: Enterprise zu sehen ist. Es hatte die universelle Registrierung von NX und erschien früher in der Franchise-Zeitleiste als jedes andere. Registrierung NXA NXA Fraktion Spezies Decks 7 Aufnahmefähigkeit Personen. Die Enterprise der NX-Klasse mit der Registriernummer NX ist das Raumschiff von Jonathan Archer aus der.
Star Trek Nx 01
Star Trek Nx 01


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